The easiest way to purchase fuel directly from the FBO.

We believe that in a 15 billion dollar a year industry, there should be transparency and automation when it comes to purchasing fuel for your aircraft.

Everything You Need

Search for FBOs

Find FBOs quickly and easily with pricing like it should be. Buying direct from the source offers true transparency and the best prices.

Purchase Fuel

Eliminate the need for multiple fuel cards by purchasing directly through the NOZL app. No haggling with the contract fuelers or double checking your quoted price.

Keep Track of Expenses

Transactions are processed and completed in real time. All transactions are stored in the NOZL app and can be automatically shared with designated contacts. Quickly find past invoices with just a click.

Search By City, Airport or ICAO

Simply search by City, Airport, ICAO or current location.

Recent search history allows for one-click airport selection.

Request Fuel From Your Mobile Device

See minimum fuel requirements to waive ramp fees.

Know the exact cost of fuel based on your uplift before you purchase.

Choose alternate payment options based on your flight type.

Track Purchases For All Aircraft In Your Fleet

Track, store or easily search for past transactions.

All invoices are stored in the app with the ability to set defaults for invoice transmittance to the necessary parties.

What Pilots Are Saying About NOZL

Increase Sales as an FBO

We believe that FBOs are the lifeblood of business aviation. Because of this, we want to offer NOZL to your FBO at no cost. Win for the pilots, win for the FBOs, win for the entire industry.

Our FBO Partners

Building A Better Future
One Uplift At A Time

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